Human Resources


Our Human Resources Policy

The sound footing for preserving and developing values of Porland Porcelain, "Our Human Resources Policy" bases on the following;

  • - In line with our goals and strategies, to establish an active and effective organization by taking into consideration motivation and company loyalty of our employees.
  • - In line with the targets and competency of our employees, to shape their careers and maximize their efficiency.
  • - To create systems for our employees in order to enable them to give performance in an objective and reliable environment and provide them the possibility of developing themselves through continuous trainings.
  • - To create management policies allowing development of transparent and straight relationships with our employees and ensure sustainability of these policies.
  • - To consider our human resource as a factor that provides competitive edge, and to find right person for the right job at the right time.
  • - To create proper platforms allowing our employees to express their opinions and to benefit from these opinions for realizing company goals.



The main object of our recruitment process is to ensure joining of new candidates, who can adapt to company's culture and common values, having qualification and competency that the position requires and with high motivation and who are open to development and change, to our company.

The candidates who are considered as appropriate after evaluation of their job applications will have an interview based on their competencies with human resources supervisor and the head of the department they applied for. The candidates, whose interview result was positive, will have a job offer and then recruitment procedures are completed. All candidates involved in the recruitment process will have feedback regarding result of their applications.


Our main principle is to ensure congruity between future goals of our company and personal targets of each individual and to prepare them to positions requiring more responsibility by developing their actual competencies in a planned manner. It is important for our company to meet our personnel needs from internal resources preferably by orienting them according to their competencies and motivating them through this way and to offer them alternative career opportunities.


Our prior target is to develop personal and professional competencies of our employees in line with their career plans and ensure them to adapt to changing conditions by providing them to gain certain knowledge, skills and behaviors that they can also apply in their private lives. For this purpose; the activities included in the "Training and Development Plan" prepared at the beginning of each year by taking into consideration training needs of our employees are implemented throughout the year.


Our purpose; to evaluate objectively contribution of all employees in the success of our company achieved in line with the company goals and to ensure sustainability of the corporate performance by this way. After the performance evaluation, by guiding the development plans of our employees, they become ready for taking the responsibility belong to them.


Our main principle; to develop a fair and balanced wage system by taking into consideration the contribution of our employees to the organization and market conditions.


Attaching importance to its employees as individuals and as the leader and reputable company of the sector, PORLAND PORCELAIN is a large family with its 1,200 employees closely following changes and developments in the world who are hard-working, dynamic, creative and honest people.

Also become part of this large and eminent family;