Festino is the brand for the stainless steel product range of Porland Porcelain, one of the leading companies in porcelain not only in Turkey, but also in the world. It is backed by Porland Porcelain's quality, reliability, endurance and rich product range.

Meaning "Little Feast" in Italian, "Festino" was born as a brand in 2003 and put on the market with 4 models in 2005. The aim is enriching the product range, which has been extended with many models in a short time without compromise on quality.

The steel product category composing Porland's Festino brand includes; fork-spoon-knife sets, services, tea and coffee trays, tea and coffee saucers, stainless steel cookware, teapot and coffee pot sets.

Festino product range is developed by taking into consideration national and international standards. The production is made both in Turkey and in the abroad under complete control of Porland and 100% Porland guarantee, and in accordance with Porland quality criteria.

The products offered under Festino Brand are all ergonomic, functional and authentic designs. They are produced from highest quality stainless steel. Festino product range has the product variety that does not only serve home product group, but also product group specific o gastronomy area. The knife models included to the Festino product range are suitable to use together with porcelain and they do not leave steel marks on porcelain surface. All knives within Festino product range are manufactured from special stainless steel convenient for knife production for ensuring that they preserve their sharpness for a long period of time.

Our Company provides special trainings related to use and care of the product for the customers preferring Festino Brand, and through this way, it tries to lower the number of common wrongs related to use and washing of the product. Closely following the technological developments, all products are undergone regular tests performed by our R&D Department if they are up-to-date or not and the products that have been passed these tests successfully are introduced into the market.

The stainless steel brand of Porland Porcelain, Festino has achieved a justified position in home and gastronomy product groups.