Camda Fiamma Farkı




Fiamma is the brand for the glassware product range of Porland Porcelain, one of the leading companies in porcelain not only in Turkey, but also in the world. Where its quality, reliability and endurance based on Porland Porcelain's strength Fiamma, has took its place among the preferred products in home products and gastronomy sector in a short time.

Meaning "Flame" in Italian, "Fiamma" collaborates with world renowned glass tableware manufactures that are innovative, producing high quality products and widely accepted in many countries of the world. Fiamma introduces products of manufacturer companies specialized in their fields to the appreciation of its customers.

After intensive efforts started in 2003, Fiamma brand met with the consumers at the beginning of 2005. In 2008, Fiamma had its greatest leap forward with the product range designed for gastronomy sector and thus, while Fiamma products met with end users in Porland Sale Points, it also started to meet the needs of horeca sector through corporate sales.

Several product groups have been included in Fiamma product range such as soda-lime and crystal glass. Especially within crystal glass group, haute couture wineglasses offered to appreciation of wine lovers. As right lighting and environment is needed for complete evaluation of a piece of art, the right wine glass has to be selected for enjoying taste of a quality wine with unique properties. Each wine has characteristic differences and Fiamma's rich product range includes wine glasses in different styles that each matches to different wine types.

The crystal glasses in Fiamma group are also elastic besides their hardness. This property is gained from barium oxide. When you hold it from the stem and turn the bowl of the wine glass to right and left hand sides, it is possible to see bending of the glass with naked eye. Therefore, when they fall on table or during washing, due to their elasticity allows bending of stem and bowl parts towards different sides, wineglasses are break-resistant. The geometric shape of wineglass bowls especially designed with large surface helps oxidation and increase of aroma concentration of the wine besides maximizing the diffusion.

Fiamma supplies its glass products without any decorative patterns; some of these products which are suitable are then decorated within Porland Porcelain in harmony with the decorative patterns of the dinner sets and offered to sale in Porland Stores. Especially, a complete harmony of decorated Fiamma products in home group with dinner sets of Porland Porcelain on the dinner tables has been aimed, and the customers who are shopping in Porland Stores could choose decorated Fiamma products suiting to dinner sets. In decoration of Fiamma products different techniques such as sanding, printing, gold leaf and platinum gilding, etc. are used.

Each Fiamma branded product constituting glass group has a different property, however the common and distinct property of each is being an "Aesthetic" product.