The story of porcelain dates back to before the Christian era. The sole things that have not changed since then are hard work and endeavors involved in the production stage.

Porcelain has a significant place in all moments of life from dining tables having an eye-catching beauty of luxury and luster to wedding chests prepared with the purest dreams. Porland designates the porcelain, which is so important, as the healthiest food ware used through the ages. Being the upper class of all earth based materials, porcelain is one the hardest materials after the diamond. However, Porland transforms this hard material into tableware having the exquisite lines of an elegant ballerina with meticulous care of an artist and by passing it from extremely demanding stages requiring patience.

Being the symbol of elegancy and aesthetics among the performing arts, ballet is a visual feast prepared with high discipline and self-devotion. Also porcelain that has been used through civilization undergoes a long and extremely demanding production process in just the same way of preparing a ballet show, and exhibits all its elegancy on your dinner tables after brought out with patience and team spirit.

Because of this; Porland Porcelain has chosen a ballerina figure as its logo.

Established in 1992 , Porland started its hard-paste porcelain production and decoration activities on a closed area of approximately 8,000 m2 located on a land of 10,000 m2 in Dilovası locality. The new facility of which foundations laid on a land of 100,000 m2 in Bilecik 2nd Organized Industrial Zone in 1995, the production was started in 1996 in order to meet the increasing demand in the domestic market and for supporting the export. Closely following production technologies, Porland renewed its shaping technology in 1998, and invested in isostatic pressing facilities for dish production, spray dryers for granule preparation, automatic glazing lines and pressure casting machines. The investments started in 2001 for doubling the plant capacity, increasing the productivity and renewing the production with up-to-date technologies completed in 2004..

Porland with 100 % domestic capital has achieved the position it deserved both in domestic and foreign markets with its production facilities established on an open area of 300,000 m2 and 70,000 m2 closed area, 1200 employees and 48 million pieces total production capacity as of today.

Being the first domestic porcelain manufacturer that achieved Turkish Standards Institute 10850 quality certificate and of which operational quality has been awarded with ISO 9001 certification , Porland also has BS 4034 certification proving that the requirements of English quality standard have been met, and it delivers 65 % of its production to all corners of the world.