Porland Porselen


Porselende Porland




Aiming to meet the expectations of the ones dreaming quality with all products it introduces, Porland Porcelain gives life to porcelain with meticulous care of an artist and enables you to have little feasts on your dinner tables with elegancy of a ballerina. Thanks to its chic and authentic designs, Porland Porcelain presents its work of arts that are perfect unity of aesthetics and quality to the appreciation of its precious users.

The justified pride of Turkey , Porland Porcelain makes its production in Bilecik with 100 % domestic capital. Reflecting rich cultural aspects of our country in its products with modern lines, Porland Porcelain has been the pioneering and innovative company of the sector since its establishment year of 1992, and thanks to its young and dynamic structure, that breaks new ground, followed by others, changing the perceptions and habits, its efforts have become the success of the country.

Besides the porcelain patterns and design concept brought to us by porcelain culture, Porland that created its own range of products thanks to its designers, innovative concepts and original opinions continues its leader manufacturer role with pride.

You can buy Porland products as a whole set or in pieces, and by this way you can create your own set, if you wish.