R&D Policy




Main purpose of Porland Porcelain's R&D department is, as a part of our unconditional customer satisfaction and sustainable development policy; to get new knowledge that provides development of porcelain technology and to establish new systems and processes in the production and improve the existing systems and processes.

For providing stability in product quality and developing new products, the following studies are performed;

  • Input control for raw materials, paints and additives used in the production,
  • Searching for alternative raw materials and determining if they are suitable for use or not,
  • Determining technical criteria of raw materials to be used as well as mud and glaze types used in the production and passing them from all physical and chemical tests before their use and giving approval for their use,
  • Studies for developing alternative products,
  • Testing the conformity of manufactured products to the standards.

The tests performed in Porland Porcelain R&D laboratory;

  • - Impact resistance test
  • - Tensile strength test
  • - Harkort (Shock test)
  • - Plasticity test
  • - Color measurement
  • - Water hardness and PH control
  • - Metal marking test
  • - Detergent resistance test
  • - Water absorption test
  • - Deviation from perpendicularity and circularity
  • - Resistance to microwave oven
  • - Hardness test
  • - Deviation from flatness

Besides the studies carried out in our laboratories, we also carry out technical studies in coordination with the accredited and specialized bodies in this sector such as Ceram Research in our tests and researches.

Porland Porcelain products never contain heavy metals. Giving always priority to human and human health, Porland Porcelain conducts periodic Lead and Cadmium Release Test related to heavy metals such as lead and cadmium harmful for human health in the accredited test bodies.

Our aim as R&D department is to offer our products, come into existence through combination of creativity and quality, to our customers with Porland Porcelain difference.