The company Porland started it’s business life as a tableware shop in 1976. After this first step, Imge Trading Company was established in 1984 to carry out marketing of tableware products especially for gastronomic consumers. At the end of 1980’s there was a tendency to start some production. In 1992, Porland Porselen San. ve Tic. A.Ş was established in Gebze. Bilecik facilities went into operation in 1996 in order to support export of Turkey and to meet increasing market demands. Today, Porland is a respected player in the market who is growing rapidly and preferred both domestically and internationally by its customers. Porland has a very strong organisational structure, modern point of view and production capacity, also gives much importance to technology. Porland has a very large marketing and sales staff and creates great employment in the sector thanks to the qualified labor force of close to 1500 people.

We reflect every fine detail from design to production stage with our superior technology and workforce. While celebrating our 42nd anniversary, we are proud to being a trend setter and leading company in the sector with our production power, export power, color and design diversity and advantages that we provide to our customers.


Thanks to our modern point of view, the importance given to technology, product range, strong organisational structure with more than 1500 labor force and our success in both production and design,we are moving forward rapidly to becoming a world brand.


Porland exports %65 of the production which is 1.500 tons per month and 70 million pieces per year in total in Bilecik facilities having 300.000 m2 open and 70.000 m2 closed area. We have a very wide portfolio for both Horeca and Retail with decorated or non-decorated items. These items are being produced according to our customers’ culinary culture and lifestyle habits by analysing needs of customers very deeply.


Our biggest difference is our innovative perspective and our production power that we realize by our own designs. We are the first and only company in Turkey to make production of Alumilite and also pioneer of the store concept of which you can find everything together needed for house life.


As Porland, we consider design and production as two different areas. Our designs are made by the Porland design team, by considering trends and consumer expectations of the year, may force production from time to time and may include applications that have never been tried before. At this point our high-tech R&D labs stepping in. We are making innovative products with long-term researches.


Porland is also a brand that appeals to the world gastronomy market. So, we conduct important researches for the kitchen needs arising from cultural differences. Sometimes we can even design and produce a form that is not used very much in Turkish cuisine for Far East cuisine.


PORLAND PORSELEN SAN. TİC. AŞ. Büyükdere Cad. No: 245 Uso Center Kat:12 No: 43-46 Maslak-İstanbul / TURKEY
T:+90 212 282 66 32-33 | F:+90 212 282 66 22 I Mersis No: 0732005902100010


The fact that our production facilities are located in Bilecik is very important for the continuity of the product. We are able to serve requested designs/decors or forms to our customers very rapidly. This provides great benefits and easiness to our business partners and our customers in terms of logistics.


Besides being a producer, we maintain our leading position in the industry with our large-sized 30 concept stores which contains all kinds of houseware apart from porcelain, our product diversity and superiority in decors and designs.


We appeal to very different tastes and budgets with our sales channels that includes not only retail stores but also our corners, dealers, wholesalers and export. In our retail channels we have products more suitable for end-customers with forms, designs and colors for house usage, while having products for Gastronomy sector which are featuring with their durability and ease of use.


Especially for Retail products, we release 4 main collections and 2 intermediate collections every year. Designs of both decorations and forms are made by our own designers. We are attending to leading domestic or worldwide fairs every year as a visitor or with a booth. These worldwide fairs are Maison&Objet, Ambiente and Host.


We present our innovative perspective again by letting our customers to shop freely. With “Create Your Own Set” concept, our customers are able to create unique tables according to their own tastes, lifestyle habits and budgets freely. This can be applied on many of our collections. We are breaking new ground with this service.


Our company exports to approximately 40 countries of the world and mainly to Europe and Middle East by working with big distributors in these countries. Along with these distributors, Porland work with retailers and wholesalers and exports about %65 of its production. By diversifying our product range in the direction of our R & D activities, we aim to grow on a square meter basis in domestic market while expanding our market share in the field of gastronomy and retail abroad.


By diversifying our product range in the direction of our R & D activities, we aim to grow on a square meter basis in domestic market while expanding our market share in the field of gastronomy and retail abroad. We export 65% of our 70 million annual production to more than 40 countries in four main continents. USA, Germany, Albania, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Dubai, Ethiopia, Morocco, France, Georgia, Netherlands, Iraq, United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Egypt, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Uganda, Ukraine and Greece are some of the countries that we export.


In the UK we have a considerable market share as well as being in a very strong competition with the world-famous porcelain producers. Our market share in Gastronomy field of UK is %7. Likewise, we are competing fiercely in the Russian, Greek and Israeli markets.



  • Ambiente - Frankfurt - Germany

  • Anfaş Hotel Equipment - Turkey - Antalya

  • Equip Hotel - France - Paris

  • HOST - Italy - Milano

    • HOST 2017

      baskanin mesaji
      Fair : Host Milano 
      City : Milano
      Date : 20-24.10.2017

      HOST 2015

      Fair : Host Milano 
      City : Milano 
      Date : 20-24.10.2017
  • Hostech - Turkey – Istanbul - CNR Expo

    • Hostech 2018

      Fair : Hostech
      City : Istanbul
      Date : 24-28.10.2018
    • Hostech 2017

      Fair : Hostech
      City : Istanbul
      Date : 02-05.11.2017
  • Ideal Home - Turkey - Istanbul - Tüyap

    • Ideal Home 2017 - Tüyap

      Fair : Hostech
      City : Istanbul
      Date : 31.03-04.04.2016
  • Maison & Objet - France - Paris

    Maison Objet
    • Maison & Objet Spring 2017

      Fair : Maison Objet 
      City : Paris 
      Date : 08-12.09.2017
    • Maison & Objet  Autumn 2017

      Fair : Maison Objet 
      City : Paris 
      Date : 20-24.01.2017
  • The Hotel Show - BAE - Dubai

    • The Hotel Show 2016

      Fair : The Hotel Show 
      City : Dubai
      Date : 17-19.09.2016

      The Hotel Show 2015

      Fair : The Hotel Show 
      City : Dubai 
      Date : 28-30.09.2015
    • The Hotel Show 2014

      Fair : The Hotel Show 
      City : Dubai
      Date : 28-30.09.2014
  • Zuchex - Turkey - Istanbul - Tüyap

    • Zuchex 2018

      Fair : 29.International Zuchex Fair
      City : Istanbul/Tüyap
      Date : 13-16.09.2018
    • Zuchex 2016

      Fair : 27.International Zuchex Fair
      City : Istanbul
      Date : 22-25.09.2016
    • Zuchex 2015

      Fair : 26.International Zuchex Fair
      City : Istanbul
      Date : 01-04.10.2015
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